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Charred chicory with ricotta, pickled rhubarb, pistachios, mint

There is little not to love. This is a beautiful dish and apart from the pickled rhubarb (requiring more patience than skill) it is incredibly simple. Good ricotta is essential in my eyes so try and get down to your local cheese monger or any good deli.

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Pickled rhubarb

One of my favorite things about February is forced rhubarb and I find something somewhat romantic about the way it grows. First outdoors to toughen the stems before being moved into lightless sheds and kept warm. Here it grows fast and tall as it searches longingly for light. It reminds me a little of myself in February – willingly waiting for brighter days. Forced rhubarb is sweeter than the summer crop

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Spiced swede, tahini yogurt, pickled sultanas and almond-coriander oil

This recipe calls for a kick of chilli and I find the coolness of yogurt works very well. The coriander-almond oil is similar to a pesto but rougher and looser in texture. Coriander is fantastic with the spices but if you aren’t a fan basil or parsley will do.

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